Welcome to the
International Conference on Control and Fault-Tolerant Systems Association

Mission of SysTol Association

The mission of the SysTol Association, a non-profit organization, is to advance knowledge, research and development in Fault-Tolerant systems by:
  • Organizing each three years conferences, and workshops in the area of advanced control and fault-tolerant systems;
  • Offering short courses in advanced control and fault-tolerant systems to scientists, engineers, researchers and practitioners who are interested in learning and/or improving their knowledge in this area;
  • Publishing proceedings, which include findings and results of technical papers presented during the conference.
The SysTol Association goal is to:
  • Advance the state-of-the-art in fault-tolerant systems;
  • Benefit researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners.

General Scope of SysTol Conferences

Faults/failures cause undesired reactions and consequences as damage to technical parts of plants, to human life or to the environment and a profound impact also on production cost and product quality. The design of early faults/failures detection methods is crucial in order to preserve the machinery or human life safety and then to make the right decisions on emergency actions and repairs. Moreover, in highly automated industrial systems where maintenance or repair cannot be carried-out immediately, it is crucial to design Fault Tolerant systems capable of ensuring nominal performance when taking into account the occurrence of such faults. The conference will bring together academics and engineers active in the field of fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control and their implication in the Monitoring and Maintenance. The aim is manifold:
  • to present current research results and recent developments of intelligent techniques;
  • to present practical applications or open problems;
  • to provide an opportunity for industry to signal its needs and priorities.

The conference highlights some particular recent results in the development of methods and tools, which are of a particular interest for academics and engineers. The conference, through its technical program, provide a unique opportunity for the academic and industrial community to address new challenges, share solutions and discuss future research directions. Presentation of theoretical researches accompanied with practical experience/consideration is encouraged. A broad range of topics in the general area of process monitoring and FDI/FTC is proposed.